Equipment List:
Press Room
Ton Geared South Bend O.B.I.
Ton Geared Minister S.S.
Ton Geared South Bend O.B.I.
Ton Geared Ministers O.B.I.
Ton Geared Bliss O.B.I.
Ton Fly Wheel Bliss O.B.I.
Ton Perkins O.B.I.
Ton Flywheel Rousselle O.B.I.
Ton Flywheel Rouselle O.B.I.
18 Ga. x 36" Brake Press

We also have various feeds, scrap choppers, coil cradles, and stock straighteners.

Tool Room
Chmer CW-430S Wire EDM 12 X 16
1 1/2 HP Vertical Milling Machine
1/2 HP Vertical Milling Machine
#1 Moore Jig Borer
16" Grob Band Saw
20" Drill Presses
Surface Grinders
Toolmex Lathe

Secondary Operations

Drilling and Reaming
C Sinking and C' Border
PEM Installation
Spot Welding
Arc Welding (Panasonic Perform Arc 100 with Rotating Table)


Elburn Stamping's inspection department is dedicated to producing quality parts run after run. To achieve this we use a variety of inspection tools, such as micrometers, gauge pins, calipers, optical comparators, height gauge & gauge blocks. To keep within these standards we monitor the following areas of the production process at all times.

1. Constant monitoring of the parts running in the production area.
2. Keeping records and samples of each run to ensure consistent flow of quality parts to our customers.
3. Work with customers to keep prints up to date with changes that occur over time.
4. Check in all raw materials to ensure they are what were ordered and ready for the production run.
5. Inspect the quality of outside subcontractors. Such as plating, heat treating, and painting.
6. The inspection department also monitors our internal routing to be sure nothing gets missed.