Striping Machine Instructions


  1. Loosen wing nuts on handle and sides of machine.
  2. Pull handle upright until it locks into place.
  3. Tighten wing nuts on handle and sides of machine.

Can Loading & Operation

  1. Shake aerosol can vigorously for one minute and occasionally during use.
  2. Turn can upside-down and place in can holder. Make sure long side of the spray tip is parallel to axle. Then slide paint can towards center of cart where it will snap into place.
  3. Push machine and squeeze hand lever to activate paint spray.
  4. To remove spray can, slide towards side of machine and lift out.

Adjusting Line Width

  1. Adjust line width by loosening wing screws and raising or lowering can holder. (raise to make line wider or lower to make line narrower)
  2. After the can holder is at the desired height retighten the wing screws.
Click here to print instructions - instuctions.pdf (223KB)